HORA Faucet

The HORA Faucet is used to get test HORA needed for your HORA Chain while using the HORA Testnet. To run transactions on the HORA Chain, you will need to obtain a small about of test HORA. Once the test HORA has been transferred to your account, you can use that account to deploy smart contracts, send transactions, use HORA Storage, use Interchain Messaging, and perform many other transactions on your HORA Chain.

Block Explorer

HORA Network supports hundreds of HORA Chains. Each HORA Chain is unique and has its own set of endpoints used for sending and processing transactions. Therefore there is no "global" block height or block explorer for the HORA Network. HORA Network is anchored on the Ethereum Mainnet, so if you are looking for information on the HORA Network state, please see the HORA Manager contracts on Ethereum Mainnet.
Because of the HORA Network design, only a dynamic block explorer that reads your HORA Chain's endpoint will work. To see the transactions sent to your HORA Chain, you can use the following Block Explorer.
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